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Stoney River Sinkers

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Lead Free Fishing Rocks!

Stone sinkers have many advantages over traditional lead sinkers, including improved suspension with less drag and more feel, slower retrieves with fewer snags, casting weight that doesn’t sink your bobber, better drifts in small streams and rivers, and a longer drop through the strike zone with soft landings.  The ultimate natural camouflage, stone sinkers are virtually invisible to fish, and the sound of your sinker clicking the bottom can actually attract them!  The porous nature of these stones will absorb your favorite scents and attractants, drawing more fish to your lure, fly, or bait.  Stoney River Sinkers are lead-free and non-toxic.

Safe for the environment and your family.

Lead-free Fishing Rocks



Natural Presentation

Less Drag

Fewer Snags


Better Drifts

More Feel

Soft Landings


Hands down, the best bobber dogging weight on the market.

Mike Kelly - Pro Guide

I love your weights! I haven't fished with the lead since I started using them.

Adam Barker - Fishing Guide

I am amazed at how well they worked...so easy to feel the bottom and the bite with these...very impressed!

Tanner Wheatly - Fisherman

Look for the new release “Bobber Doggin’ Baits and Beads” featuring Stoney River Sinkers available in stores today!


Stoney River Sinkers featured on Angler West TV – Bobber Doggin’ for Steelhead on Oregon’s Wilson River.


Stoney River Sinkers featured in Salmon, Trout, Steelheader magazine – December 2014.

“The other major player in the lead-free game in Oregon is the owner and creator of Stoney River Sinkers, Jesse Dolin.  Jesse uses marble to create his sinkers, which makes them like nothing else on the shelves, and they don’t fish like anything else either.”